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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in New York, NY, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Did you attend the Awesome Human Day Virtual event?

Once again, the IRC in NYNJ thanks Nataly and her team for bringing a joyous and important talk that relates the migrant experience to a vision of work-life balance in America. To learn more about Nataly Kogan’s Awesome Human Day movement and her book, The Awesome Human Project.


5th Graders Fundraise to support the IRC in NY

The IRC in NY is so grateful for the collaboration between PS 154 Harriet Tubman School and the literary non-profit Behind the Book for pulling off a one-of-a-kind fundraiser!


A Heroic NYSA Summer

Our HERO youth students made the most of NYSA this summer! The IRC in NY chats with Upper School and Lower School students to learn about their time at NYSA.


The Sayid Family’s New Beginning

The Sayid family arrived in early fall 2021 to NYC from the base that temporarily housed evacuating families from Afghanistan. As a family of five, they were focused on resettling as soon as possible. A new beginning for them meant finding a new apartment, setting up social benefits, and enrolling their two children in school. More important is the emotional process of resetting and finding comfort through a difficult transition.


IRC in NY give thanks to its Housing Partners

The IRC in NY gives thanks to its partners who supported refugee families this past fall with housing and continue to do so. IRC partners have supported clients by 1) securing household basics, amenities, and furniture, 2) participating in the hands-on move-in work, and 3) extending a warm welcome to families.


IRC in NY Holiday Drive: Back in-person!

This year’s Holiday Drive was met with excitement and joy. Every year, the IRC in NY hosts a Drive to support refugee and immigrant families preparing for the winter season. Having to resettle or navigate a significant wave of economic insecurity, many families are in need of warmer coats and winter accessories.


A letter from IRC in NYNJ: Welcoming Afghans and newcomers

The IRC in NYNJ will continue to support Afghan individuals and families, and newcomers from across the Globe in their long resettlement journey. The crisis in Afghanistan has shaped the methodology of resettlement case management at the IRC to bolster proactive and client-facing services and programming. With your support, the IRC in NYNY can defy the temporal pressures and limits that inflate the emotional and financial burden faced by newcomers.


Join the community interpreter program in NYC!

Do you speak another language? Join the International Rescue Committee in New York as a Community Interpreter Volunteer to help interpret for newly arrived refugees and immigrants. 


Beyond Urbanization: Farming for Fulfillment: Rebuilding Fertile Urban Spaces

This September, the New Roots Community Farm’s (NRCF) community members came together to rebuild the farm. This project consisted of transplanting new plants, weeding, and installing sturdier plant beds. The New York Restoration Project also joined the NRCF in these efforts to execute the rebuild. The IRC in NY sat with Sheryll Durrant, the Food and Agriculture Coordinator at IRC in NY, to learn about the impact of this rebuild and the vision of the NRCF as a whole.


Healthcare Admin Training in the HAPI program

The Healthcare Admin Professionals Initiative (HAPI) program completed its first cohort. The Economic Empowerment Unit reflects on the program so far.