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World Refugee Day

Refugees are Courageous

Every World Refugee Day, we celebrate the contributions of refugees around the world. This year, we are proud to honor the courage of refugee artists who use their creativity to connect and heal—bringing people closer together. Through their painting, their dance and their song, these inspiring artists open a door into their world and show us who they are beyond the label of refugee.

Explore five ways you can honor that courage, by taking action for refugees around the world:

1. Share Diala Brisly's powerful illustration

Diala Brisly, a Syrian artist and refugee living in France, has created a new illustration that embodies the statement "Refugees are courageous." Share her work far and wide. 

2. Celebrate refugee and immigrant artists

Explore and share the stories of artists Diala Brisly and Muyambo Marcel Chishimba, ballerina Christine Shevchenko, and rapper Belly—or share the work of another artist you know!

3. Tell President Biden to welcome refugees

For most of the world’s 25 million refugees, going home isn’t an option. And last year just 2% had the chance for a new start in a welcoming country.

4. Donate to the International Rescue Committee

Help us continue to support refugees across the U.S. and around the world.

5. Get involved in your community

Volunteer: Play a critical role in helping newly arrived refugees and immigrants thrive in the U.S. by volunteering in your local IRC office or remotely. 

Rania Abou, wearing a mask, stands behind a table filled with paper bags and adds pre-packaged meals to them.

Rania Abou, a 19-year-old refugee from Damascus, Syria, distributes meals to people experiencing food insecurity in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Photo: Andrew Oberstatd/IRC

Learn: Join Ebony Obsidian, Sepideh Moafi and IRC experts for our June 22 refugee resettlement summit.

Open your home: Provide temporary housing—and peace of mind—to refugee newcomers through Airbnb's Open Homes initiative.