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Did you attend the Awesome Human Day Virtual event?

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Awesome Human Day Flyer

Awesome Human Day Event!

Photo: Happier

Did you attend the Awesome Human Day Virtual event?  The event, which premiered on February 8 on Zoom and hosted by Nataly Kogan was both REFRESHING and JOYFUL. The IRC in NYNJ is thankful to the over 1,500 participants who registered for the event, as well as Nataly's company, Happier, for the donation to the IRC in NYNJ and the Kogan family for their matching donation. 

The event kicked off with a dive into Nataly Kogan’s book The Awesome Human Project, followed by an exciting lineup of guests, and ended with a fantastic collective art project between Nataly and the participants. The IRC in NYNJ celebrates Nataly’s path from her resettlement journey, to switching careers, and finally realizing her potential as an awesome human with a mission to help us do the same! Nataly invited us to rediscover our self-love, self-care, and seek relational support from other awesome humans! You can watch the recording of the event here!

As a refugee, entrepreneur, and creative artist, Nataly brings a fresh perspective on how to unlearn burnout. She explored how immigrant families experience the pressure to work hard on overdrive and to embrace a seemingly inevitable struggle that comes with mobility. Nataly brings a culture of work-life balance into the picture with this perspective under her belt. She explores how holistic gratitude, self-acceptance, and awareness of our stressors can help us navigate the burnout cycle. The arrival to self-sufficiency can be grounded in happiness with the support of the community and this is the hope Nataly brings home.  

The IRC in NYNJ understands that many families are on their own path of healing, which for many is marked with uncertainty and residual trauma. The stress of a workplace can often exacerbate these feelings. The NJNJ Economic Empowerment team is doing what it can to support clients to balance work and wellness to avoid burnout. Once again, the IRC in NYNJ thanks Nataly and her team for bringing a joyous and important talk that relates the migrant experience to a vision of work-life balance in America. To learn more about Nataly Kogan’s The Awesome Human Project book and movement, please click here!