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Escaping Syria

The International Rescue Committee's documentary film, "Escaping Syria" won a Social Good Award for Best Episode with a Social Good Theme. The IRC's "My life has been transformed" video, featuring actor Patrick Stewart, also received an honorable mention for Best Spot (Over 30 seconds). The three-year civil war in Syria has claimed the lives of more than 190,000 people. Half of the country's population is displaced, cities and towns lie in ruin, and millions are in desperate need. The IRC's documentary film, "Escaping Syria," shows the daily struggle of four Syrian families living in Iraq’s largest refugee camp, Domiz and one of Lebanon’s poorest regions, Akkar.

  • The Ali family from Damascus describe their journey to find medical treatment for their son Sarbast who has a birth defect.
  • The Abdulla family left their youngest son behind in Syria to finish school. But with constant bombing, the family seeks help to bring him across the border.
  • Amal Moussa and her husband must depend on their young sons to provide for their family. Their boys try to balance long work hours with school.
  • Life is impossible in Lebanon for Reem Al-Masri. Food prices are high and job opportunities scarce. She wants nothing more but to return home to Syria.

The IRC is helping uprooted Syrian families rebuild their lives by providing them with job training, educational opportunities, family reunification services and other critical assistance.