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Immigration in Sacramento

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Our Immigration Department strives to ensure equal protection under the law and civic integration of refugees and immigrants, aspiring new Americans, by assisting them to achieve U.S. citizenship. Our office serves all low-income populations in Sacramento, including refugees, asylees, undocumented persons, and U.S. citizens. We support our clients through the entire documentation acquisition process, providing legal advice and aid during application submission, interviews, and long stand-by periods.

Documentation we assist with:

  • Citizenship
  • Legal Permanent Residency (green card) related applications
  • Re-entry permits and travel documents
  • Family petitions for relatives abroad
  • DACA and TPS renewals

Our approach

The IRC in Sacramento is a Department of Justice accredited organization. We offer high-quality, low-cost immigration legal services and citizenship assistance to any and all populations. Accredited staff members represent our clients through the entire process, alerting them of status changes and sitting with them during interviews. Here are the ways in which we provide immigration support in the community:

Immigration clinic and consultations

Every Wednesday our office hosts a walk-in immigration clinic, where we are able to assess client eligibility and advise on next steps. Attendees are requested to bring all required documentation and related materials. We sit down with clients one-on-one to provide guidance, and if we determine that we are unable to provide the support necessary we refer them to other organizations in the community that can.

We also offer scheduled individual consultations for clients who are unable to attend our clinic. We not only help clients complete their application, but also mail the application in and monitor its status.

Immigration clinic

Wednesdays 1-3PM

$25 fee

2020 Hurley Way, Sacramento 95825

Call +1 (916) 482-0120

or email Kevin.Woldhagen [at] rescue.org  

to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Community engagement

In addition to our in-house clinics and consultations, the IRC in Sacramento provides multiple opportunities for community engagement and outreach. We offer off-site educational services including:

  • Know Your Rights training
  • General immigration workshops
  • Presentation requests
  • Tabling

Support Immigration

Host a workshop

We are looking for Spanish and Arabic-serving community centers to host immigration workshops. At no cost to your center, we offer advice to your clients and members that will equip them with the tools they need to acquire immigration benefits. For more information about hosting a workshop, email Kevin.Woldhagen [at] rescue.org.

Become an intern

Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn about our different positions and how to apply. You can also email VolunteerSacramento [at] rescue.org

Contact Immigration

Kevin Woldhagen

Immigration Specialist 

Kevin.Woldhagen [at] rescue.org

International Rescue Committee

2020 Hurley Way, Suite 420

Sacramento, CA 92825

Phone: +1 (916) 482-0120