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Rashida Jones sits with a small group of children at an IRC Safe Healing and Learning Space for young Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
IRC Voices

Rashida Jones

"I had seen and read about the Syrian refugee crisis, but I wanted to know more. I simply couldn’t understand the entirety of the situation unless I saw for myself. And I couldn’t stand my ground against all this fear and misinformation without personal experience. So I went with the International Rescue Committee to Lebanon..."

—Rashida Jones

About Rashida Jones

Actor, writer and producer Rashida Jones has starred in television and film productions including “Angie Tribeca,” "Parks and Recreation” and “Celeste and Jesse Forever”. As an IRC Voice, Rashida collaborated with the IRC on a virtual reality experience in Lebanon, where she saw how and where Syrian refugees are living. She has also traveled to Thailand to visit the Tham Hin refugee camp, where the IRC provides lifesaving health care and clean water, and visited our New Roots community gardens in San Diego and New York where resettled refugees literally plant new roots in their new communities.

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