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A Syrian man carries a little girl onto a Greek beach after arriving in a small boat from Turkey.
Seeking safety

Refugees and asylum seekers in Europe Crisis Watch

For decades European countries have offered a welcome to people fleeing terrible circumstances of war and persecution. Today, the IRC is not only speaking out, but also working in Greece, Italy, Germany, Serbia and the Balkans—and supporting 15 European countries in all—to ensure that vulnerable refugees can safely rebuild their lives.

IRC extremely alarmed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

  • On February 24, Russia deployed its military into Ukraine.

  • As the bombs and shelling have continued to escalate, people are fleeing their homes and desperately seeking safety.

  • The war in Ukraine will lead to grave human suffering. The world will bear witness to innocent deaths, destruction of civilian infrastructure and massive displacement inside the country and across Europe.

  • The IRC strongly supports the UN Secretary General’s call for the protection of civilians and adherence to international humanitarian law.

Read our February 24 statement