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A Ukrainian mother in winter clothes holds her bundled-up baby at a Ukraine-Poland border crossing point.

How can I help Ukraine?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already forced nearly 3.5 million refugees, mostly women and children, to flee their homes. Learn what you can do to help.

ArticleMarch 21, 2022

3 ways the Ukraine conflict will drive up hunger in other crisis zones

Humanitarian needs in countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Somalia could rise as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. Here are three reasons why.

ArticleMarch 21, 2022
A mother sits holding one of her sons on her lap. Two other children sit in chairs behind them.

The Ukraine-Russia crisis: What is happening?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has displaced more than 3 million refugees and could cause more human suffering than Europe has seen this century. Here's what you need to know.

ArticleMarch 11, 2022
Dressed in winter clothes, a mother kneels down outside to feed her young daughter.

What do refugees who fled Ukraine face in Poland?

Find out what refugees who fled from Ukraine to Poland are experiencing—and see how the International Rescue Committee helps.

ArticleMarch 15, 2022
A Ukrainian family embraces at a Ukraine-Poland border crossing next to a van.

How does the IRC respond to an emergency like Ukraine?

With over 3.5 million people fleeing Ukraine, get the facts on how the IRC responds to this and other fast-moving humanitarian crises—and find out how you can help.

ArticleMarch 21, 2022
Iryna, a refugee from Ukraine, holding her daughter. They are standing in front of a tent and wearing all winter clothes.

In their own words: Refugees flee Ukraine

Refugees from Ukraine share their experiences of leaving their home country, their journey to safety and hopes for the future.

ArticleMarch 18, 2022